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Mount Kackar 7 Days

Category: Mount Ararat Summer Trekkings

Mount Kackar 7 Days

Day1: Meeting in Erzurum in the morning. After breakfast we are headed towards Artvin. We will take a break and take pictures at Tortum Waterfalls. After lunch and dinner in Yusufeli, we go to Barhal. We're settling into the hostels dinner.

Day2: In the morning erlay we go the plateau mature, After then our bags come to whit horses, and walking about 3 hour we will reach will be Dilberduzu at 2.800 meters. We will settle in the campg round.

Day3:We will move to the Great Kackar summit with a guide against . We will see the summits by seeing the lakes. We will return to the camp around noon after the summit. We will return to the plateau ( mature kackar )high land by collecting the camp and then givin the our bags to the mules. We will head for Ayder. Night hostels , Accommodation in Ayder.

Day4: We will go to Avusor high land from Ayder in the morning. We will discover the surroundings where we will settle into the camp (or hostels ).

Day5: We will act as a guide to the Kemira Kackar summit against morning .
We will see the lakes again and make the summit. The return to the peak (or hostels ).

Day6: In the morning we will act in the guidance of the Altiparmak summit guide. Return to the camp (or hostels ) after the summit back to the stay at hostels )

Day7: in morning Breakfast Hotel then Transfer back to the Trabzon Airport, for departure. Back to (allowing the ) tour over the


Transfer from Erzurum airport to kackars
Transfer from kackars to 2800m, and bring back to the hostels.

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