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  • Date: 29-10-2019, 12:26
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Mount Ararat Trek 4 Days

Category: Mount Ararat Summer Trekkings

Mount Ararat Trek 4 Days

Day 1: Our trip will start when you arrive to van or agri or kars airport and we start go to dogubayazit over one night stay in hotel

Day 2:Dogubayazit to Mount Ararat
Transfer from hotel to Eli Village at 2200 meters (with minibus). 3200 meters (our equipment will be transported by pack animals). When we reach the camp we will drink tea and eat hot meal. Overnight at Camp 1.3200

Day 3: Mount Ararat Camp 2 at 4200 meters
After breakfast we start to climb to Camp 2 at 4200 meters. Equipment will be transported by pack animals. When we reach the camp we will have hot meal. Overnight at Camp 2. (We have to go to sleep very early

Day 4: Summit
We start climbing early in the night (1 or 2 a.m.start). After 5-7 hours we reach Mount Ararat peak at 5137 meters .
Afterwards we return to Camp 2, we have a rest, eat meal and pack equipment. Then we start to descent to Eli Village at 2200 meters, where vehicles wait us. We back to Dogubayazit.


Ararat trekking permit. 50(EURO)

2 Night Hotel Best hotel in Dogubayazit( Before Ararat & after Ararat)
Trekking Guides
Mountain foods
Cooking stuff
Local Cook service
All trekking hot meals on mountain
Camp equipments
Sleeping matress
Ice crampon
All drinks on mountain
Horses and Porters
Nothing extra to pay, all meals included...
Horses will carry your backpack, stuff on Mountain at on all camp.
Horses will carry your backpack,stuff till car point.
All transfers , Airport, van or agri kars Dogubayazit, Ararat and back to Airport
Summit Climbing Cetificate

Please contact us, for your tour detailes, and any questions.

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