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Mount Ararat: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is acclimatization vital before climbing Mount Ararat?

A: Acclimatizing is essential due to Mount Ararat's significant altitude. It helps the body adjust to the reduced oxygen levels, minimizing the risk of altitude sickness. We typically recommend that climbers spend a few days at our base or intermediate camps for this purpose.

Q: What accommodation options do you provide on Mount Ararat?

A: We offer a range of accommodation options, from base camps to designated camping areas on the mountain. While there aren't established lodges on Ararat, we ensure our guests have comfortable and well-equipped camping experiences. Remember to bring personal items, though, as the mountain's conditions can be unpredictable.

Q: Can you detail the main climbing routes on Mount Ararat?

  • South Route: Our most recommended path, suitable for many climbers, balancing challenge with accessibility.

  • North Route: A less-traveled but more challenging route, presenting a different perspective of the mountain.

Q: What equipment is necessary for the climb, and do you offer rentals?

A: Climbers will require standard mountaineering gear like climbing boots, insulated clothing, harness, ropes, and, depending on the season, snow/ice gear. We can provide tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment rentals if booked in advance.

Q: When's the optimal time to climb Mount Ararat?

A: We operate tours primarily between July and September, as these months provide the most stable weather conditions and decreased avalanche risks, ensuring a safer climbing experience. Climbs outside this period largely depends on weather conditions.

Q: How do I reach Mount Ararat starting from Istanbul?

A: Once you fly into either Igdir or Ağrı from Istanbul, we provide pickup services from the airport, taking you directly to your hotel in Doğubayazıt.

Q: How do you handle emergencies and rescues on the mountain?

A: Safety is our top priority. While we follow stringent emergency protocols, due to Mount Ararat's remote nature, it's essential for climbers to also be proactive.

Q: What preparatory measures do you suggest, both physically and mentally, before the climb?

A: Engage in regular cardiovascular and strength training exercises in the lead-up to the climb. If possible, get some experience at high altitudes or consider simulated altitude training. Mentally, understanding the ascent's challenges and setting realistic expectations can greatly aid in a successful climb.

Q: How challenging is the climb up Mount Ararat, and what is provided in the tour package?
A: Climbing Mount Ararat offers a mix of moderate to challenging terrains, suitable for climbers with some experience. Our comprehensive tour package includes all necessities: food, accommodations, and even a horse service to transport equipment up to Camp 2, ensuring a seamless ascent experience.

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